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We offer an ever changing schedule of exciting daily group exercise classes such as cycling, boot camp, HITT classes, Group Exercise weight lifting classes, kickboxing, outdoor group exercise classes when weather permits and much more. Whether you are new to exercising or a seasoned pro, our certified instructors will guide you through each class with expertise and consideration to your fitness level while making exercise fun and enjoyable all while improving your emotional well-being as well as your health. Come work out with friends while making a host of new ones. All classes a FREE to members and only $5 for non-members

JCP Lift Group

             JCP LIFT  GROUP EX - 6:00a - 6:30a


Tuesdays and Thursdays weight lifting class....come out to the early bird class and start your day off, right!

Cycling Mania

            CYCLING MANIA - coming this fall


This is an indoor cycling class set to music. You will climb hills and pedal your way to the finish line. Guaranteed to make you sweat. This can be used during the winter months to keep you in peak bike riding shape or come in year round to just give you an all around fitness profile.   Even if you've never cycled before- you can do this. Cycling is much more comfortable on your joints and you work at your own pace.

627 cardio

             627 CARDIO - coming this fall

627 cardio will boost your metabolism while making you feel like a million bucks by the end of class. We will instruct you through a range of cardio exercises, whether your new to cardio fitness or brand new to exercise, we will surely find a way for you to enjoy your exercise break. **We will make modifications for different exercises.

JCP Lift

             JCP LIFT - 5:30p to 6:30p on Wednesdays


JCP Lift is a group ex weight lifting class set to music. If your new to weights or enjoy the class atmosphere.. Come in and lift. As we get older we have to include weights into our routine, this would be a good way to get those weights in and enjoy the class atmosphere at the same time *** CJ's personal favorite!!

Warrior Boy

             WARRIOR BODY BOOTCAMP - 6:30p to 7:15p on Tuesdays


This challenging bodyweight workout is designed to stretch, tone and define, while simultaneously increasing balance and strength.  Low impact; no running, no jumping…but definitely challenging.  Bring your favorite floor mat, a towel and some water.  Get ready to sweat. 

Workhouse HIIT

              WORKHOUSE HIIT - 6:30p - 7:15p on Thursdays


Join us at the Fairgrounds for this one! You will spend around 20 seconds going full throttle than take a 10 second will go 8 rounds then you take that well deserved water break... Then do it all over again. This class is another one of my favorites to teach cause I love to give it my all knowing I can take that break. It's also called interval training... And interval training is like a double dose of calorie torching. Even after you go home... Your body will still be burning those calories many hours later.

CJ's Boot Camp

              CJ's BOOT CAMP - 5:30p to 6:30p on Mondays


This class will pretty much target EVERY body part. We will do this outside, rain or shine and it may include hill running, stairs, sprints, body weight exercises and possibly other exercise props. This class is held at the Fairgrounds. Come out and join us...any fitness level welcome.  Only $5 for non-members!

Workhouse Fit Kids

              WORKHOUSE FIT KIDS - coming this fall


ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR  KIDS! This is for our 'golden nuggets', our little people ages 4-12. This class will be once a week and is geared toward getting them moving and grooving while joyfully teaching them to include healthy exercise into their everyday lives now and into their bright futures.   Parents must be in the building working out, joining them or observing.

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