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True Elliptical

                     CARISA JONES


Carisa has been teaching group exercise classes for 18 years. She started working out as a way to alleviate the every day stresses through karate classes, but soon it evolved into a devoted passtime. Eventually learning to love and teach all forms of group exercise, whether it be cardio kickboxing, indoor cycling, outdoor boot camps, or group ex lifting.


Carisa is very passionate in what she does. She says, "I love instructing and empowering people to become healthy and in control of their life and the world around them."


Her sister and business partner Sandi is actually the one that introduced her to exercise many years ago. "She helped me see the peace of mind that exercise and well-being brings to our lives, not only does it make us feel better, but helps us function more positively in our daily lives, and to her I’m thankful". 

                   SANDI GRIM


Sandi has a calm, quiet teaching style that will allow you to become stronger and more confident with each visit.

She has been teaching for 10 years, and prior to teaching she was a regular in several group exercise classes locally and during her years abroad with the US Navy.   


Her first focus was a ladies weightlifting class. Later she became certified in step, indoor cycling, PiYo and Silver Sneakers. She enjoys teaching and the many friendships that are forged during class participation.


"The best part of working out is when you realize you are doing something that you were not able to do last week or last month."

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