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Credibility is essential to the success of our business. We believe in ourselves and the business we have built. Holding ourselves to the highest standards of teaching, coaching & instructing brings out the best in others. But, don'take our word for, read what our patrons that have experienced it first hand, have to say!

I joined Workhouse Fitness immediately after it opened and have been thrilled to have done so.  The facility is clean, the equipment is excellent and the 24 hour access is awesome.  It offers so much flexibility for my schedule that missing a workout is nearly impossible.  I highly recommend getting a membership!


Rick Truman

Carrollton, Ohio

What do I like best about Workhouse fitness  you asked?  Convenience, convenience and convenience! The fact that I can go to the gym night or day is perfect.  Although I have gone during “regular’ hours a few times, I mainly go to the gym around 3:15 am which is perfect for me.


Unfortunately over the past few years I had gotten out of the exercise routine.  There were more reasons to count as to why I did, but when I heard about a place that was going to be locally owned and available 24 hours a day, I knew I could get back in shape.  So far, so good. It has been nearly a month and I am still going strong.


Give Workhouse a try. The staff is very knowledgeable and the facility is top notch!


Chris Jones

Carrollton, Ohio

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